About Us

West Michigan's Business Advantage


Founded in 2003 by business and community leaders, Lakeshore Advantage is a non-profit economic development organization that connects businesses to the resources they need to grow in Allegan and Ottawa Counties. We accomplish this by working to:

Core Values

People who interact with Lakeshore Advantage can expect to experience our team's core values. Our core values define how we deliver services to employers, partners and each other. They are:
Yes. . . .and |  Do the right thing  |  Come to the rescue  |  Work hard, laugh often  |  Get excited when others win 

Our Passion

Ensuring current and future generations have good paying jobs in a vibrant economy. 

Learn more about why each of us is personally passionate about our work. 

We Serve

Primary employers, from start-ups to grown ups. 

*A primary employer exports goods/services outside of region and brings back wealth.

Our Target Market

  1. Growth minded business leaders/decision makers at current/future primary employers, who see obstacles and opportunities to grow and are willing to ask for help.
  2. Located in or considering location in Ottawa and/or Allegan Counties.
  3. Primary employers with headquarters outside region and >100 employees in region.

What Makes Us "Lakeshore Advantage"

  1. Our work is driven by primary research. 
  2. Serve as the first point of contact for primary employers and act as a member of their teams to tackle challenges and assist with growth opportunities.
  3. We cultivate ideas between public and private sectors to position our community for growth. 
  4. Amplify the community's messages and successes. 

Our Team

Our small but mighty team is here to assist you.

Name Phone Email Expertise
Jennifer Owens Jennifer Owens President +1.616.772.5226 jennifer.owens@lakeshoreadvantage.com Vision and strategy setting for the organization
Angela Huesman Angela Huesman Chief Operating Officer 616.772.5226 x 216 angela.huesman@lakeshoreadvantage.com Implements strategies, manages day to day operations
Emily Staley Emily Staley Vice President, Marketing & Communications 616.772.5226 x 220 emily.staley@lakeshoreadvantage.com Marketing and communications strategy
Beth Blanton Beth Blanton Vice President of Engagement 616.772.5226 x 202 beth.blanton@lakeshoreadvantage.com Investor relations and engagement and external events
Amanda Murray Amanda Murray Vice President of Business Solutions 616.772.5226 x 305 amanda.murray@lakeshoreadvantage.com Business retention and expansion team lead. Major expansion projects, commercial real estate and headquarter relationships
Haley Abbas Haley Abbas Marketing Associate 616.772.5226 haley.abbas@lakeshoreadvantage.com Entrepreneurial support programming, marketing support and grant writing
Amanda Chocko Amanda ChockoInterim Director of SURGE 616.772.5226 ext. 203 amanda.chocko@lakeshoreadvantage.com Entrepreneurial support team lead
Rebekah deVries Rebekah deVriesAdministrative Assistant 616.772.5226 ext.211 rebekah.devries@lakeshoreadvantage.com Administrative support for staff and office
Greg King Greg King Business Solutions Manager 616.772.5226 ext. 203 greg.king@lakeshoreadvantage.com Business development retention and expansion support for Allegan County primary employers
Kellee Kortas Kellee Kortas Business Solutions Program Manager 616.772.5226 x 215 kellee.kortas@lakeshoreadvantage.com Talent development and attraction concierge and business solutions program manager
Jeannine Maudlin Jeannine Maudlin Director of Administration 616.772.5226 x 201 jeannine.maudlin@lakeshoreadvantage.com Office Management, invoicing, receivables and overall operations support
Kelsey Sivertson Kelsey Sivertson Communications Associate 616.772.5226 kelsey.sivertson@lakeshoreadvantage.com Board liaison, marketing and event support

Board of Directors

Our overall strategic policy is directed by a 20-member board of directors composed primarily of private sector business leaders.

Jeff Disher

Jeff Disher

- Chair

Scott Brooks

Scott Brooks

- Vice Chair

Brooks Capital Management
Jennifer Remondino

Jennifer Remondino

- Treasurer

Warner, Norcross & Judd, LLP
Mark Schmidt

Mark Schmidt

- Secretary

Steve Ramus

Steve Ramus

Rob Sarro

Rob Sarro

Allegan County
Al Vanderberg

Al Vanderberg

Ottawa County
Jim VanderKolk

Jim VanderKolk

Royal Technologies
Jeweral Washington

Jeweral Washington

J-Max Transportation