Investors are extended members of our team and make our work to support primary employers in West Michigan possible.

Lakeshore Advantage investors care about our community’s economic future. About 60% of our funding comes from private sector investors, and the other 40% from the public sector investors.

Over 100 investors choose to contribute financially to our work. An investment in Lakeshore Advantage positively impacts the region now and for generations to come.

View the forward-thinking organizations that invest in our work. 

Contact Beth Blanton if you are interested in learning more about positively impacting our region's economic health and growth. 

The Investor Guide shares the impact economic development has on our region and includes major initiatives and investments of the past year, with a look ahead to our current and future work.

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Now-for-the-Next_Logo-NEW.pngThe “Now for the Next” economic growth fund campaign officially launched mid-July by Lakeshore Advantage as an effort to replenish the HEDCOR Impact Fund that was established through the Community Foundation Holland Zeeland Area in 2008. That fund served as critical first-dollars in or gap-filling funds to catalyze economic opportunities in our community such as the Holland SmartZone and Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute, and the balance is dwindling. The goal is to raise $2 million by 2021 to provide a catalytic capital pool to act quickly on opportunities that will positively impact our community’s economic vitality.  Download the Now for the Next information sheet and commitment form