Genesis Trailers

Posted in Blog on March 08, 2017

Genesis Trailers builds galvanized trailers to get your boat in the water. They are located by the airport at Blue Star Highway. With a product this seasonal, the company builds all year long with a brief short selling season, therefore having a need for temporary inventory storage for their outdoor product.
The company decided to erect an outdoor tent to store their product, and wanted to be sure they were doing the right things to with the City of Holland and permitting to for the tent. Not expecting issues, the proximity to the airport required additional permitting.
Wanting to focus solely on their product, Genesis Trailer called Lakeshore Advantage.
Amanda Murray, Director of Business Services for Lakeshore Advantage, stepped into action, working with the FAA to understand and get the proper requirements fulfilled. Amanda also worked with the City of Holland to be sure they understood the company’s need and to streamline the permitting process.
Genesis Trailer’s focus has returned to product production. The company is able to erect the temporary storage they require, with the assistance of Lakeshore Advantage. We concentrated on and managed the permitting requirements so the company can focus on their core business.