Exciting Times Ahead for Allegan

Posted in Blog on January 28, 2019

Going through the January issue of Allegan County’s Chamber & Business News, the word “momentum” came to mind as I read about the recent activities of JML Real Estate, owned by Jim and Michelle Liggett. Having previous experience with some of their other ventures, Ropes Courses and Allegan Event, I see an opportunity for a rebirth in experiential retail and dining in downtown Allegan. Using the riverfront and its adjoining property as a means to inspire tourists to visit and locals to hang out represents an unprecedented boon for all local stakeholders.
In this day and age it’s all too common to hear about the decline of the traditional downtown and the nostalgia for the days when heading into town heralded a special occasion. Placemaking, including downtown revitalization efforts, is key to attracting and retaining people who then are connected to a community and the assets it provides for living, working, playing and learning. So to see local residents leading the investment and planning for grand, auspicious things is heartening, inspiring and smart.
This is one example among many in West Michigan. As I’ve begun my journey working with Allegan county businesses, I am amazed at the how often I experience this inspiration. It seems like every day I hear of, read about, or witness firsthand the many instances in which residents, business owners, and municipal officials are contributing to or experiencing this groundswell of economic and community development. 
Whether it’s the energy in the robust collaborations between the public and private sectors, the growth in the vigor and vitality of many communities’ downtown corridors, or the increase in the number of companies looking to move to or expand in the area, momentum is the word of choice when I describe what’s going on in Allegan County. And while we look to new ideas and prospects and plans for the year ahead, it is my hope to make sure that that word “momentum”  stays on the lips and in the minds of everyone as we picture together a vibrant 2019 and beyond. 
 Greg King, Business Development Manager, Lakeshore Advantage