Know Your Options. ReThink West Michigan

Posted in Blog on November 14, 2018

ReThink West Michigan is an opportunity to, when you’re home for the Thanksgiving holiday and have plans to go out to meet friends anyway, explore West Michigan employment opportunities so you can liv030_0U0A0742.jpge here and vacation elsewhere, rather than making every vacation back home.  Plus, West Michigan is a great place to live, work and vacation anyway, so it’s time to ReThink West Michigan.
West Michigan is home to the Best Small City to Start a Business, three years in a row, and is also one of the Fastest Growing Economies in the U.S. Not to mention the four seasons and great beach towns if that’s your thing. It’s time for you to ReThink West Michigan.
What will your boomerang story be? Here’s mine: I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. Graduated from MSU where I met my husband (an east-side Michigander) and we both landed jobs in Detroit after graduation. My Detroit job was with Andersen Consulting, now Accenture (I’m showing my age a little here,) and that three-year experience took me on client engagements all over the US, from Chicago to Beaumont, Texas to Albany, New York 072_0U0A4771.jpgto Minneapolis, MN and every place in between. A long-term assignment relocated my husband and me to Mt. Olive, New Jersey where we were an hour away from New York City and explored DC and Boston and all of the East Coast often. It was super fun, and super tiring. We loved it, and then we explored our options.
When we were ready to “settle down” we took positions in Lansing, MI, neutral ground where we were an equi-distance from both families, and close to nobody. Our first daughter was born, and we
realized how much she would benefit being closer to family (and we might even get out once in a while.) We remembered our childhood, growing up close to the water. Summers, sand, sunshine and sunsets, close knit communities, and wanted the same for our child. We decided to call West Michigan home. I started doing part-time contract work while being a stay at home mom, my self-employed husband started a great career at a local bank. Life is good. It is full. We are raising our kids where they are safe, loved, in excellent schools, actively enjoying sports, fine arts and the outdoors, can explore independently, and will have abundant career opportunities. Like we do. We’ve never looked back. We are home.Sunscreening-the-baby.jpg
Do you hear that gentle whisper of the Lake Michigan breeze, your familiar childhood haunts, favorite activities, friends and family beckoning you to boomerang?  Explore your options. ReThink West Michigan.

- Emily Staley, VP Marketing and Communications, Lakeshore Advantage

Photos: Top, BizStream, a West MI tech employer, one of the MANY employment options here. Next, enjoying Kirk Park Dog Beach with family and friends.
Next, My sister and her husband sunscreening their baby at my favorite Lake MI beach. Hoping they hear the beckoning of the lake breezes and boomerang home from Olympia, WA soon.