Tariffs Affect Local Employers and Who to Contact

Posted in Blog on January 25, 2019

West Coast Chamber and Lakeshore Advantage hosted an Executive Roundtable discussion with Congressman Bill Huizenga this week regarding how tariffs imposed through Washington DC are affecting West Michigan businesses that source raw materials and sell products globally.

The discussion reinforced the fact that the issue of trade and tariffs is complex and that perspectives are as varied as our manufacturing base and the products that are made here. While some of your issues are similar, your specific pain points vary by size and industry.
Here are a couple of follow up items from our discussion:  
It is important for our congressional representatives to understand the nuances of the issue from you to inform policy decisions and we hope that open dialogue will continue. You can reach out directly to our elected officials through the links below:  
And as always, please follow up with us - Jennifer Owens at Lakeshore Advantage (Jennifer.Owens@LakeshoreAdvantage.com) or Jane Clark at West Coast Chamber (Jane@westcoastchamber.org) - with additional feedback or insight.