TEDx Macatawa – Tuesday March 19, 12:30pm-5:00pm, Holland Civic Center

Posted in Blog on February 21, 2019


The phrase, “TED talk” evokes a blacked-out stage, a bright spotlight, the color red, and the recounting of experts turned dynamic speakers inspire audience members to learn, to lean in, to cultivate, and to experience FRESH ideas. Startups with their zeal and new ideas, commission much of the same reactions. That’s why SURGE, powered by Lakeshore Advantage, is excited to sponsor TEDx Macatawa and their culture of innovation, which will be sure to foster creative thinking and FRESH perspectives in our community.
Startups: Attend TEDx Macatawa for FREE as part of the SURGE delegation
SURGE is taking this one step further by attending as a SURGE delegation. Who will the delegation consist of?
Startups of course!
Startups: Join us as part of the SURGE delegation! We have a couple tables reserved so we can attend and be inspired together. Startups in the SURGE delegation will get a t-shirt to wear that day and free admission to the event. NOTE: You must register through Amanda Chocko for the free registration as part of the SURGE delegation.
Contact Amanda Chocko to reserve your seat at the SURGE table(s).
DEADLINE: Please let us know by March 1 if you are able to attend as part of the SURGE Delegation.
Once confirmed, enter your T-shirt size HERE.
TEDx Macatawa Event Information 
For more information on the event itself, check out the TEDx Macatawa website for the speaker lineup and further details.