TPM (Talent Pipeline Management)

Posted in Blog on May 18, 2019

TPM (Talent Pipeline Management)

By Angela Huesman, Chief Operating Officer, Lakeshore Advantage

TPM (talent pipeline management) has been a Lakeshore Advantage  collaborative initiative for the past year or so, and you may be wondering how you can plug in or how you can benefit from it as an employer. In one sentence, TPM is a process that applies supply chain principles to our workforce.  If we think of employers as the end user, we look back through the pipeline at where employees come from (high school, community college, trade school, four year university, tech programs, etc.), identify skill gaps or weaknesses in the supply chain and apply efforts toward bridging and building up those suppliers so that our future workforce is ready when hired. 

Employers and educator partners in the West Michigan region are second to none and the robust conversation taking place make me hopeful that by continuing to bring these partners together, we can make strides to improve the rate and accuracy at which our greatest asset – our workforce – can be hired. 

Early this spring, Lakeshore Advantage held a half-day session with employers and educators (customers/suppliers) to discuss the barriers that occur for their top pain point positions. As a result of this work in action, upon learning that employers are losing top talent because their hiring process takes too long (feedback from an educator), one employer convened their hiring team to address this issue to establish efficiencies in their internal process. This is just one example of the TPM process being put into effect to yield positive benefits for manufacturers and the local workforce.  
What can we expect in the future from applying TPM principles to bridge the gaps for workforce supply and employer demand?  Specific projects will be identified over the summer and work will continue to make improvements on removing barriers that currently exist in our talent pipeline.  If you want to be a part of the action and join the 15 employers engaged and 4 educators involved, please contact me at More to come!