Lakeshore Advantage Investor Briefing Debrief

Posted in News on January 29, 2021

Lakeshore Advantage hosted our Annual Investor Briefing on January 29, 2021. With co-anchors Jennifer Owens, president, Lakeshore Advantage and Scott Brooks, Executive Vice Chair of the Lakeshore Advantage board, this 25-minute newscast style program covered:
  • Business Intelligence Data from 120 company interviews pre-and post pandemic onset in 2020. 
  • Lakeshore Advantage impact and area company growth, new products and pivots through 2020. 
  • A brief overview of our 10-year target and 3-year picture for our community's economic health. 
To see the Annual Investor Briefing program in its entirety, go to our YouTube channel HERE.
For an in-depth look at our Business Intelligence Report, go HERE
For a full list of 2020 Projects & Achievements, head to the data section of our website HERE.
Lakeshore Advantage Investors are critical to the work of our organization. As we move ahead with 2021 goals, we need your insight and participation. If you are a Lakeshore Advantage investor, please expect an oncoming survey. Your response will help us understand how you and your organization’s expertise can support these identified targets.

To learn more about becoming an investor in Lakeshore Advantage, contact Beth Blanton our VP of Engagement at