Posted in News on February 20, 2020

2/20/2020 // ZEELAND, MICH – Pangea Reptile LLC, a Pangea-Reptile-Team-(1).jpgmanufacturer of pet products and breeder/distributor of small reptiles, is investing nearly $1.3 million in Zeeland Charter Township, expanding their existing location on Pentatech Drive. Lakeshore Advantage, the local economic development organization that assists employers with growth opportunities in Ottawa and Allegan counties, worked with the company to connect them with local resources to support their expansion. 
“Pangea Reptile is a great example of how quickly a young, energetic company can make a positive impact here on the lakeshore,” said Jennifer Owens, President of Lakeshore Advantage. “Pangea just moved to Zeeland Charter Township this past year and is already expanding their footprint and their workforce.”
Pangea’s expansion will increase their manufacturing facility by 17,000 square feet, enabling the company to grow their products and services while adding 13 new jobs.
“We are excited to invest in the Zeeland community that has so warmly welcomed us,” said Matthew Parks, Owner of Pangea Reptile LLC. “We look forward to giving back with our Free Crested Geckos for Teachers program and by hosting educational events.”
Zeeland Charter Township is offering local support for this growing company in the form of a 12-year Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption.
Pangea Reptile started in 2001 outside of Grand Rapids with the breeding of geckos and small-scale sale of dry goods. Several years later, the company has grown into one of the largest online sellers of reptile food, products, and quality geckos.