We interview companies in our region to understand how to best support their growth. This information drives our economic development initiatives.

2020 Business Intelligence Report

We meet with over 300 business leaders each year and interview a strategic sampling of approximately 120 of them using a vetted economic development research tool. We analyze the data we collect on an annual basis and share it through the Business Intelligence Report. This report offers the business climate snapshot of our region, with challenges and opportunities facing our region's primary employers.

2020 Major Expansions and Achievements


2020 Projects and Achievements
2019 Projects and Achievements​

Regional Data

The West Michigan Regional Prosperity Alliance has launched the West Michigan Regional Dashboard - a compilation of 34 different data sets for the 13-county West Michigan region. The tool is designed to offer an accurate overview of how the region is doing in terms of overall quality of life and economic factors.

Other Data and Sources

Ottawa County and Allegan County are the fastest growing counties in Michigan.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation's site database and demographics.

Ottawa County Geographic Information System.

Who lives and works in our region? Demographics and business information from the U.S. Census Bureau for Ottawa and Allegan Counties. 

US Patent and Trademark Office's County Report

Utility Patents per State Over Time

West Michigan Works! Hot Jobs Report

Great Lakes Economy: The Growth Engine of North America Infographic

Allegan and Ottawa County are part of the Grand Rapids Combined Statistical Area, with a population of over one million strong. 

Economic Indicators and Comparative Communities

As we look forward to ensure long term economic health, our vision for the West Michigan Lakeshore economy is that our economic indicators show that we are outperforming our peers and making strides toward competing successfully with our benchmark communities.